Eligibility requirements

If you have been registered with Ofsted for longer than 3 months you are not eligible for a grant

In order to be eligible for this grant you must:

  • Be a childminder or childcare provider on domestic premises or a Childminder Agency operating in England
  • Be registered with Ofsted or a CMA on the Early Years Register and be able to provide a copy of your registration certificate
  • Be a NEW business. This means:

               i)      You must have been registered with Ofsted/CMA for less than 3 months [1]


               ii)     Have already started your business (this cannot be before your Ofsted/CMA registration date)


               iii)   If you have not yet started your business you must plan to do so within 6 months of your application date

  • Plan to offer the 30 hours funded childcare entitlement for 3- and 4-year-olds yourself or in partnership and are registered with your Local Authority to do so if you are a childminder or childcare provider on domestic premises
  • Directly encourage and support your registered childminders or providers to offer the 30 hours funded childcare entitlement, either themselves or in partnership with other providers if you are a Childminder Agency
  • Spend the grant on costs directly related to setting up your childminding business and retain proof of how you have spent the grant
  • Not have received a grant under the Childcare Business Grants scheme before unless you are now applying as a CMA
  • Not be a private nursery, after school club or other type of provider.


[1] Up to 30th April 2017 this was 12 months